This year we celebrated the twenty-second annual STRC Christmas Party for children in our community. It may have been the biggest, most boisterous – but also most well-behaved – one of them all! 
(view the photo's from the event in the photo album section)
And while the kids were most excited to see Santa, they also showed that they knew the “reason for the season,” as they responded to Al Engel’s questions about the true meaning of what is celebrated now. They also listened attentively as Bruce Detweiler read The Christmas Story, and joined vociferously in the signing of Christmas songs led by Tim Clemens and Helen Keller.
When it was time for the children to come up to visit with Santa, emcee Sarah Bergin called their names, brought them individually to the microphone, and asked about school and their favorite activities at the Boys and Girls Clubs. She also told quite a few seasonal jokes (Q: What does a snowman eat for breakfast? A: Snowflakes!)
Al and Jay and Suzi Berry, who was chair of the Christmas Party Committee, thanked all those who helped make this event possible: the folks from the K-Nex Company and Mr. C R Bedrosian, who provided bags of toys; the area police chiefs who, together with staff from the Boys and Girls Clubs, brought the children to the party; the Telford Industrial Authority; and Santa’s other elves (Ken and Marilyn Deatelhauser, Ray Yothers, John and Marcia Young, and the staff of the Indian Valley Country Club).
But, again, it was the children who made the party – their innocence, their graciousness, their lack of pretense and self-importance. Sounds a bit like why we celebrate Christmas in the first place, dosen't it?