Burkina Faso Middle School

The Konkourona Alliance Foundation (KAFO), Inc. has been working to improve access to education, healthcare, water, economic development and environmental protection in the remote village of Konkourona, Burkina Faso since 2019.  As a result of these efforts, the acceptance rate into middle school has skyrocketed from 4% in 2019 to 96% in 2023.  However, there is no middle school in Konkourona, so students travel by bike for 2 hours each way to the nearest school. 
This year, KAFO built a middle school, an administration building, a security building, and latrines with hand washing stations in Konkourona to serve the population, but needed help to make the buildings operational.  The Souderton Telford Rotary Club's International Service Committee began the process of requesting a Rotary International Global Grant for $50,801 in 2022 to provide electricity, water, books, and desks for the Konkourona Middle School and that grant was approved earlier this year.  
The Global Grant process includes the use of the following funds District Designated, Rotary International, and cash donations, and half of the District Designated Funds must be replenished by sending donations to the District.  The Souderton Telford Rotary Club International Service Committee must now raise $14,052 to repay the District Designated Funds.  
Will you help us support opening the new middle school in Konkourona, Burkina Faso by providing your donation today?